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Butterflies and our Creative Potentials  

A butterfly has innate beauty and harmony in its genetic code and yet that beauty is not a given from the time of its birth. We realize that to reach our potential we have to undertake the painful yet fulfilling process of learning, doing, reflecting and growing.

As butterflies do, so does Macsoft hope to be an agent of change (linking in the cross pollination of ideas, solutions) and yet not ignoring the honey of success, recognition and rewards.

We feel that our work will be a treat for sore eyes and tired minds just like a fluttering butterfly is in a barren landscape.

Dolphins and our quest for Empathic communication

Dolphins are keen communicators, responding to stimuli and "learning" very effectively. Very early in our organizational life cycle we had the opportunity of working with clients who were clear communicators and expected the same from us. In our work, we hope to emulate the natural born empathy that dolphins demonstrate.

Living continuously by questioning the boundaries of water and space, dolphins have struck an effective balance with grace and beauty. As both consultants and solutions providers, Macsoft strives to keep a balance between aiming for a solution and its actual implementation. Wherever we have leaped too far, we have had to spend that much more time to come to the surface.

Eagles and our vision

An eagle is a living of power, balance, poise and focus. Its ability to soar to great heights and yet have an eye for detail on the ground is what differentiates if from other birds. Macsoft hopes to achieve a degree of effortlessness in the actions allowing itself to be carried by the "right" winds of "change" and yet to be in control.

Our analysis study trends in the sector and has been collecting media information on this sector to form an enviable collection of knowledge. This gives us the vision to look beyond immediate business requirements and to come up with long-term competitive strategies.

Ballet Dancer and our belief in flexibility and harmony

Any form of dance requires a very acute sense if timing, co-ordination and harmony. Ballet more than any other dance form requires the movement to be light and almost surrealistic. There is also sense of liberation of mind, body and spirit both for the dancer and the viewer.

An eventful journey of being constantly "on one toes" is surely getting translated into recognition and more work for us. We hope that we are also able to harmonies our thoughts with those of our clients. The flexibility of a solution is imperative in the changing environment and with more time being invested in the analysis stage is paying dividends for us in the form of lesser reworks and context specific solutions that are modular and scalable.

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